Saturday, 1 October 2011

Why holding ears is a punishment?

"Hold your ears and stand near the blackboard, facing the class.” I don’t know which school teacher she was. I might have got punished like that probably ones or twice in entire schooling life. Not that I was such a sincere student who never got punished. I would rather say that if you never got punished in schools, never bunked classes in college and never went for a movie with office mates, what a waste of life!

I got punished in school many a times, though I find few of those punishments very funny today. If socks were not clean or shoes were not polished properly, the punishment was to wear socks in one leg and shoes in other without wearing socks under it, which essentially meant that you have to sit in the class that whole day. The sad part was you missed that day’s play during long - recess. Standing on bench for disturbing the class – I think that was perfectly fine punishment. Standing outside the class for not bring books or not doing home work, that was also fine as you could see and enjoy students playing in play ground. But here the only problem was, if some other teacher or principle happened to see you standing outside class, their look use to embarrass you. Though the feeling lasted for only 10 minutes and then you use to again get engrossed watching other student play, through the corridor window.

We use to get remark in our school diary for not doing homework/ not bringing homework copy, etc, and we were suppose to bring parents signature on the remark essentially meaning that our parents have also acknowledged it and probably scolded us. I always took signature from my dad for the first remark and then the complete year from my mom. Moms are always easier to convince especially when you are wrong. There was also a rule to bring only roti and sabji in lunch box. No Idli, Upma, snacks was entertained. I was the dabba captain. So till the time our class teacher use to take attendance in first period, I use to check everyone’s lunch box. Students not abiding by the rule use to get remark in diary. I feel funny thinking that I use to see what everyone bought in tiffin everyday.

So yes I have received punishments for every deviation from the rules set by school authorities. Probably that is also a reason why I am a bit disciplined today to say the least.

Why these sudden thoughts over school and punishments? The reason is my wife asked me,

“Why holding ears is considered as a punishment?

For a moment I didn’t know how to respond. Then I blankly said, “I don’t know but that’s a very interesting question.”

And then I decided to google it out. Even google doesn’t know why it is so! I myself pondered over it. ‘Hands-up’ position indicates that you have surrendered or you will remain in-active. Why holding ears as punishment, you can hold nose-though that would look funny or catch your shoulders – that can be painful actually. The only reason I could think of is probably when you hold your ears for long, after some time, the head automatically bends down. This position indicates that the person has realised his mistake. I couldn’t figure out anything else apart from that. If you have any idea over this, do share it…

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Since toddlerhood we make kids hold ears and ask them to say ‘sorry’ or apologise but I don’t know why holding ears is considered apologetic. It could be a way of greeting people like the Japanese greet each other by bowing!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Love at first sight - A love story!

The day I saw her, I fall in love with her. It was love at first site. She mesmerized me completely. The dream of getting her launched me into a different world. I was bubbling with joy. I sat in my room concentrating as to how would I approach my dad and seek permission. I made few strategies. I prepared myself to answer all the possible questions that my dad could ask. The thought of rejection from dad, made me kind of low. But I was determined to try. I decided to start with my mom.

The strategy was to first get the easy 50% vote and then pitch for the difficult one. One afternoon, I and mom were having lunch together. My mom was in good mood and the situation looked perfect.
I started in a low voice, hesitantly. “Mom I want to tell you something important.”

Mom replied instantly, “Yes beta, I have been observing you from last 2-3 days. Your moves are unusual. Something is bothering you since couple of days. What is the matter? Is everything alright?”

I didn’t say anything. I was thinking how to begin. I took another bite of chapatti with aalo gobi sabji. I looked at mom she was staring at me. “Kya hua beta?

“Mom listen. Listen to me completely and then give your comments. Don’t get hyper in between, please. Let me explain you everything first.”

“Go ahead” a firm voice beamed.

“I am in love with someone. She is beautiful. Lovely and I think I along with her will be a good companion…” I went on to describe her till I got a positive expression on my mom’s face. I told her that my love would take care of her as well as dad. I also told that I had already made necessary enquiries.

“Do you have a picture or something? Even I would like to have a look at her!” Mom asked. She seemed excited.

I opened my laptop and showed her photo.

“She is beautiful. I like her and I would like to meet her as well” mom said with a smile.

The state of my mind was beyond description. Half the battle was won. The first strategy worked.

“Mom, what about dad? Will he give his permission?” My cheerful face became tensed in a split second.

“You know your dad beta. You have to initiate the talks yourself. I will support you but the convincing part is up to you”. She continued after a pause, “And I also want to warn you that it cannot happen without your dad’s acceptance. I am with you but I can’t be against your dad. If he says no, I would try to convince him but final decision would be his!” Mom looked firm.

I just picked up my iPod, plugged it into my ears and vanished from there. My actions passed on the message to her that I would try and convince dad but I can’t sacrifice her if he expresses something else.

When you have to convince your parents, the timing has to be right. Their mood, work load, everything needs to be checked.

The perfect moment arrived soon. It was a Sunday morning. It was raining heavily. Dad was reading newspaper sitting in balcony overlooking the sea.  Mom had made ‘Pakode, Samosa and chutney’ for breakfast. Dad loved every bite of it. He had a hearty meal, it seemed. He got engrossed in the newspaper again.

“Dad, I want to talk to you about something” I said to him confidently.

He had a look at me. He finished his article hurriedly in few seconds, folded the newspaper nicely and kept it on the centre table. While removing his spectacles he asked me to sit.

“How is your work going my son?” he asked.

“It is going good dad. I am doing a lot better now.” I replied.

“Tell me what is the matter. What is bothering my son? Tumhe pyar toh nahi ho gaya?”

All my planned strategies failed. Dads always put bouncers. They are always a step ahead.  
“Uff!” I thought. I opened my laptop kept next to me. I showed him the photograph.

“It is her dad. I like her. She is beautiful. I interacted with her a number of times. I think that’s a good match if you think so.” I replied examining each and every facial expression and changing lines on his forehead.

“I would like to meet her first” dad replied in a firm voice closing the laptop flap and handing it back to me.

His lines gave me a big boost. The idea was sold to him!

The very next day, we all went to her place in the evening. We were greeted very well. They had made excellent arrangements. After initial talks and queries, my dad seemed happy. He scanned her biodata. Had a look at her. He looked at me and smiled. “Good choice!”

I hugged him and he congratulated me.

Today, I am happy with my companion Honda Civic for last two years!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Everything in the article is art of fiction. Just wanted to highlight few beautiful relationships and make the readers smile.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It takes only an Anna (Hazare) to do what he did!

Last weekend I went to watch movie Aarakshan in theatre. Though normally I don’t expect much before start of any movie so as to enjoy and observe the minute details the director wants to subtly narrate. But with Prakash Jha, I expected the movie to be good if not better. I was utterly disappointed and the movie was pathetic to say the least.

The expectation set was right in the first half an hour of the movie. It seemed to be a movie about reservation and anti-reservation debate something that no government has tried to solve in reality. As the movie progresses the focus digresses. There is no clear anchor, no direction for the movie after a point of time. The intentions of Mr. Jha were great but to speak the bitter truth as it is and get accepted is difficult. From pro-reservation stand, the movie shifts to pro tuitions to free education. It was beating around the bush. It was too complex a topic to take a stand. For the first time I observed such a confused audience after the movie was over. May be Dhobi Ghat was the last time, I found audience so puzzled.

With Rajneeti, which was equally huge in terms of characterization and complexity of subject, it was lot structured. The movie led to a natural climax and though longish, the movie was well executed with a focused approach.

The only reason could be because it takes guts of Anna Hazare and support of entire India to take on the ruling government. You challenge the authority and you would be shown the doors. With Anna, the background check is clear. Government probed into his past and present only to find gold. Baba Ramdev might be good, his intentions were also same, but with his commercialized of products and with tax authority and other government agencies after him, he could only retract.

The movement started with 5-7 people. Word spread and few hundred people gathered. In days time few hundred became few thousand, thousands became few lac and lacs in to crores. It’s a common discussion in buses, at breakfast table or on television. Anna has surely united us to fight against corruption. The agitation has left the government clueless. They thought it as a fad initially but now that’s the only talking point. No congress spokesperson is able to talk straight and convince what they believe, on any news channels. I would like to pat back of media, the fourth estate, which has played a crucial role in spreading the information and bringing masses together. If all the four pillars of democracy including judiciary behave so responsibly, ‘India of dream’ will become reality soon.

The present situation cannot be called a License Raj, but it is no less. Corruption has crippled the nation. It is shameful to see Members of Parliaments showing bundles of money in the parliament of the world’s biggest democracy, being offered to buy their votes. Words cannot describe that darkest hour of Indian Democracy. What is appreciable about the movement started by Anna is the way it is carried out. It is in 9th day now but no signs of violence whatsoever. There is so much anger in people, in crowd yet they have maintained the decorum. They are aware that a silly mistake and government will get a chance to put everyone in jail with charges of disrupting peace at public place, jeopardying all the effort. I salute the discipline and patience of common man for this.

Though I am completely in favor of corruption less nation if not corruption free, I don’t have an idea as to how Jan Lokpal bill will be implemented and executed. The points it states is all acceptable but a small loopholes is what it takes to sink something as big as Titanic. I am just worried of those open holes in this bill, if there are any. After those cautionary words, something gives me confidence. If there would have been substantial loopholes, the government would not have been so stubborn in accepting it.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Anna has stood for us, for a better tomorrow. It really requires courage to challenge the absolute power. Let’s fight against corruption and build a better tomorrow!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Celebrating friendship with 'Hangout'!

A decade ago, Dil Chahta Hai (DCH) movie was released. It took the nation by storm. Not that friendship never existed or friends never went to Goa or any other place for that matter, to have fun. But the movie highlighted the importance of Celebrating friendship! Enjoying with people whom you trust the most. So was the craze that DCH became synonymous for friendship. The youth started looking at friendship from all together different perspective!

With Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara… another fine piece of art, this time by sister Zoya Akhtar, importance of celebrating friendship is reinstated. It took the dimension of relationship to the next level. Girlfriends, adventure, foreign trip, emotions, pain, child like fight, ego, money, power and then finally friendship taking all over them. A must watch for the ones who liked DCH.

For me it will always have a special place in my heart because last year, we planned a bachelor party at Goa for one of my closest buddy… bookings were done, train ticket were done, all planning was done, money was paid and in the end...boooom! The friend for whom the party was hosted… couldn’t make it due to his work commitments (he being a surgeon). All three of us were deeply disappointed. We cancelled the trip. We showed our anger to him in his marriage and till date we bully him for that. None of us watched ZNMD movie together but each one messaged the other three when the trio in movie plans for the  bachelor party! That’s the connect. Having said that, out of four of us, two are married now, so we still have two chances to make for what we missed earlier. The thought excites me!

However, somebody has realized that the world is moving with a fast pace and people have become robots in their own life running after making good living. In doing so, they knowingly and un-wanting-ly (I christened this word) are getting drifted away from their close pals. Friends are always a call away but sometimes you want to see them, if not remove the geographical barriers. Sometimes you want to have that Maggi or a Cup of coffee with your friends all together, though at different locations.

‘Hangout’ feature of Google+ gives that option. I have been on Google+ since it created 'buzz' among the masses. People are yet to embrace the site completely. Updates happen at a snail’s place. On last weekend, I was casually surfing and then I decided to try the 'hangout’ feature. Believe me, I jumped out of my seat with my experience of this standout feature – Hangout. I asked few of my friends to come online on G+ to try the feature. I invited four of them. Two couldn’t join due to some errors but the other two joined and Vollaaaa! 

I could see, chat and talk to them - all simultaneously. The multi-chat multi-video functionality is just awesome. I was trying other features also and to my surprise I could play video from youtube site, real time, all in one screen. Jitu signed in from US. He was doing some work at that time. Sarang joined from Mumbai, he was having his lunch and I was chatting with them, simultaneously answering my cell phone. I was delighted that I could see and chat with my close buddies, enjoy watching videos - all sitting at my cozy sofa at home. And yeah not to forget all this for free.

With the fight between Facebook and G+, the users are surely going to win. Some breakthrough technology is going to treat them. The technology which is going to value relationship, personal preference and comfort would move headway towards North.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Friends are lifeline. A relation that gives meaning to life. With technology assisting us in staying connected with friends, I am sure Celebrating Friendship is going to be fun going forward!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Luck by Chance!

With the onset of May month, every year, the speculations of how much rain we are going to receive, starts. The intensity of the discussion keeps increasing with the passage of time. Discussions on rains take centre stage. Be it on television, MET department, politicians or household late night discussion while watching television.

Rains do have regional charms as well. When you say ‘Mumbai Ki baarish’ it is different! When it rains, it rains cats and dogs. The ever bustling city comes to a standstill. The pleasure of roaming in rains on a Marine drive can never be experienced anywhere else in the world. I am short of words in describing the satisfaction and peace you derive after getting drenched in rains sitting close to the sea. On the flip side, you have traffic jams, roads block, buildings collapse, false promises, casual off from work, hassle to catch local trains and the every moody and irritating Autowalahs!

Anuj Gupta, happy go lucky guy was on his way to office early morning with his friend on his friend’s bike. In midway it started raining heavily, suddenly. That’s the beauty of Mumbai rains. It can hit you at any moment without any prior intimation. Anuj got down nearby and asked his friend to carry on as he was wearing raincoat. Anuj told him that he would take an auto and reach office, ignoring the Autowalah murmur that was waiting for him.

After getting down, he saw umpteen numbers of people struggling to convince the passing-by autowalahs. 30 minutes passed. Rains stopped. No auto found.
“I should have asked Kunal to wait for some time. The rain stopped.” he cursed himself.
Lot of people got autos and they moved to their respective destinations. He cursed himself. He observed a girl in her mid twenties also struggling for auto since long. “Where are you going?” asked Anuj. “Andheri” She answered. “Oh then we can pool a cab and share the fare, if you are ok! I am going to the same place.” “Ya, that looks fine” she said in agreement. That’s another aspect of Mumbai. Seldom would you find people saying no, because people here are by and large likeminded. They want to reach office as soon as possible, keeping the fares low, and with minimal hassle.

“What do you do?”Asked Anuj casually as the two were on their way to office in a cab.

“I work at MightyHeart publishers. We are basically into IT books publishing.” She said.

“Interesting”, said Anuj with a nod.

“And how about you?” the girl asked.

“I am working with Elephant Softwares.” he said exuberating confidence.

And he continued, “If you would have been working in Novel publishing house, it would have been a lot more interesting!”

“You write?” she asked.

“Yeah kind of. I am looking for a publisher to publish my first novel” he said with a gentle smile.

“Wow. What is it all about?” she asked showing some excitement.

“It’s a love story. Actually a real one with lot of fiction put into it. It is based on my friend’s real life story” he said.
Silence surfaced for some time. The auto was stuck in heavy traffic.

“Is your work interesting?” Anuj asked taking the conversation further.

“Yeah, very much. Actually I am a project manager and managing projects. Books are our projects!” She said with a smile.

“How is yours?”She asked.

“Well….it is interesting…Actually it is good. From one angle it is mundane and boring however it is also a high profile work…! replied Anuj, scratching his head.

“Are you from Mumbai itself?” She asked.

“No. Jaipur.” “And you?”

“Faridabad.” She smiled.

“By the way, what is your name?”

“Anuj Gupta” he replied.

“I am Shruti Banerjee” She said.

With a pause she continued... “Actually Elephant Softwares happen to be my dream company. I want to get into an MNC.”
Anuj asked her experience and qualification and told her that he can give it a try.

“You can always give it a try, if you want, anyways you have a stable job, if nothing works out!” he said after listening her professional details.
Anuj gave his email id, where she could mail her resume.
Shruti gave her email id, “”

“But you said you are Shruti?”, asked Anuj hastily. “Yeah I am Shruti and Tapsya happens to be my friend who can help you in taking your novel to the readers!” She smiled.

“Wow… you completed your impromptu project (of taking my book to a publisher or at-least guiding for it) successfully. I am impressed!” Anuj exclaimed.

Today, Shruti is in Elephant softwares living her dream and Anuj is happy to endorse that he has authored a book which is taken well by the readers.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Luck by chance! Yes it was. Life always has mysteries stored in it. We mere mortals always realize it after it becomes past! Life’s good… Keep rolling!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

For the girl who turned one! :)

Memories flashed in front of my eyes. I, along with my sister use to take out album of old photos from a deserted suitcase having lot of good old memories captured and stored in it. We use to watch them and at times use to jump in excitement. “Hey look dad was so thin that time.” “Yeah and look at Mamaji – he had so many hairs on head!...look at mommy, she is as beautiful today as she was, so many years ago!” Our birthdays use to be grand celebrations. I do not recall the events as I was toddler, but the clicks do narrate them.

I was at a friend’s daughter’s First birthday celebration. The moment I reached there, I felt good. Walls were beautifully decorated with cartoon character cut outs pasted on them. Colourful balloons everywhere. I was with friends and we were chatting and clicking. In minutes the hall was full with guests. The birthday girl arrived. Yashita. She was as cute as her name is. She was having fun, carelessly hanging on her mom. She must be amazed looking at so many new faces and probably must be wondering, “Hey, what is going on here!” People tried to have a glimpse of her. Guest started making faces, dancing, teasing, and cheering just to draw her attention towards them. But a one year old child is one year old child! She was following her heart and paying attention to only those whom she felt like.

Magic show started and as it progressed, everyone was glued to what the magician was doing. The innocent kids were laughing, giggling and enjoying the show. The grownups were enjoying but probably were paying extra attention to catch the other part of his smartness. He was good at his business. Everyone cheered him by clapping at regular intervals.

A gorgeous girl, who was looking like Cinderella, passed from my left aisle. She moved swiftly. She was wearing a bluish white princess dress. She caught everyone’s attention. We took her photographs. And her palace was kept next to her. The setup was a beautiful cake kept on a trolley moving from back side of the hall till it reached the centre stage. It was time for cake cutting ceremony and everyone got excited. To date all my senses wakes up, whenever I get to know that cake is around. The magician did some trick and out of nowhere he presented hats to Yashita’s father and the birthday girl. Kids sang the birthday song on top of their voice and the memories got framed.

The dinner was open and we got busy. It was delicious. And an ice cream with the summers approaching was like an icing on the cake. All in all, I had a very good time. The reminiscences from the photographs of my birthday that I used to admire, flashed. These are the moments probably the kids don’t understand but joy of the parents is incomparable. The unconditional and deep love parents have for their kids is unparallel. Camera can only capture a moment but memories of parents capture a lifetime.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: It is damn true when you want to feel god, you have parents!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beautiful Gift of Life!

“I reached near the scanner machine in my office. I found that it was not working. Hesitantly I requested to one of the colleagues sitting close to scanner that if she could help me with that scanner. I told her that I had to scan some important documents and it was a bit urgent.

That beautiful lady looked at me and realising the urgency of matter, she got up from her work station. In the next moment she was checking the scanner. I prayed hard in my mind to fix that scanner quickly, as I had to mail my documents to the prestigious IIM - K college. I hoped that things would just work out fine in moments. And it did.

I thanked her for readily providing me her helping hand. “I am Nivedita. My pleasure” she smiled and was out of my sight in moments.

I was in a hurry. I scanned all my mark sheets and certificates and mailed to the college address. Then I left the office hastily to prepare myself for the moment of my life. The big day. The then next day I was having my interview with the eminent panel of IIM - K college for MBA admissions.

30 minutes later, when Nivedita was leaving from her work place, she found that scanner was left on by me. Being particular about small small stuff, she put it off herself and as she was leaving she found corner of a document poking outside the scanner machine. She lifted the panel and read the document. “Aaryan Jain, IIT B – Final Year Mark sheet.”

"IIT Bombay and yet so careless attitude!” She thought.

Realising that the document could be important for me she decided to go back to her work station and search for my details in the company employee directory. “Seven ‘Aaryan Jain’ found” The system displayed output. Three working in Mumbai office. Two in the Powai office, Mumbai. “Oh one is a senior associate, but he didn’t look like” she thought and then finally she was left with one option and that was me. She got my desk number. Knowing the fact that I might have left for the day, she still gave it a try.

“Hello, is this Aaryan?”Nivedita asked, not sure with whom she was talking.

“This is Swapnil. Aaryan has left for the day; I sit in a cubicle next to his.” A heavy voice beamed.

“This is Nivedita. Aaryan has left one important document near scanner machine. This could be needed urgently by him. Can you give his number so that I can inform him?” She kept it short as she was also getting late for home. 

“This is his number. If you are unable to get through him, you can get back to me.” And the phone went blank.

Nivedita gave me a call. I was clueless as I never realised of my stupidity. The first 30 minutes, only she was speaking, rather shouting on me for not putting the scanner off and then being careless blah blah. I was happy that I would get my document, I was feeling lucky, I was also feeling stupid over my careless attitude and then silly over giving trouble to Nivedita. And then nervousness gripped me realising that the then 12 hours away, I would be facing the moment of my life. I told her that I had an interview next day and I was to carry that document with me. Then I asked her where she was staying. It was far from my place and also from where I had interview. It was not feasible for me to go back to office and collect due to time constraint. I requested her that if she could come to NM college next day morning around 10 AM to hand over the document. I was feeling awkward and I am sure she also felt so. But I guess that was the best option I could find out that time. At the back of my mind I knew she might agree as next day was a Saturday which meant an off from office. I made a small prayer.

She was reluctant and she wanted to shout at me. But realising nothing could be done then and probably I had a big interview next day, she agreed and banged the phone.  I felt bad and then good at the same time.
Next day, I met her at the NM college. She gave me my document and wished me good luck. I was expecting that she would again shout but probably she was more understanding than me. I smiled with rejoice and offered to have a lunch with her after my interview. I knew that she had come from far and it would be almost lunch time, by the time I would have finished my interviews.

We went to Pizza Hut. She was very angry, she scolded me for 20 minutes and I listened to her patiently. I was analysing her. She was pretty, prettier when she was angry. I admired her concern for me. We became friends. Good friends. I got into IIM - K. Probably she brought me all the luck. We exchanged our likes and dislikes. We dated for next 2 years.  I completed by studies and got a cool offer from Coco Cola Company. And then we got married. 

Now sleep, it is already late. You both have schools tomorrow. 
Eyes close. Sleep well, good night.” and the light went off.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: In the journey of life, we never know who will touch us, when and how. Life holds gifts for us, it is for us to realise and make the most of it.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I am proud to be an Indian but not so proud with the way government is currently functioning. The budget is around and every stake holder is contemplating as to what it is going to be like. The country is in a situation it was never before with scams, corruptions, inflation and the list goes on, all around. Everytime a scam comes in light, the magnitude hits next level and politicians - the lowest.

I am tired of listening "the government should do 'something' this time" by the big shots on tv. I will be straight forward with you. Understand that the common people have VOTED you in hope that it will be 'for the people'.

As a 25 years young Indian who is contributing to the collection of tax department every year without actually knowing what happens with that money, I expect only two things from you. I understand you run a coalition government so pick-up 'any one area' out of the following and show some improvement in next one year - corruption, inflation, agriculture, Food wastage, pending scams and execution of policies for critical industries for growth. The second thing that I want is - choose any one attribute and ensure that only 10% of it is adhered by all ministers - Accountability and Transparency. The choices are difficult and so I am asking only 10% adherence.

The best planners are there with you, can we know what is your plan for the remaining tenure? Reforms done in 1992 are like 20 years old, can you propel a reform that we would be proud of 20 years hence.

The heart wants to go on and on - the plight of railways is unbearable but today I will leave you here itself.

Please let the country know what two choices you have made from the above mentioned options. I am not expecting a reply for this letter but I would be keenly watching your actions for next one year to make out what you chose.

Best regards,
Karan Agrawal

(The same letter has been 'posted' via CNNIBN site...)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

What's your calling?

If you want to describe this guy, he would be called crazy, emotional, hard working, adventurous and a fun loving creature. I know him right from the childhood. I know so much about him that sometimes it becomes difficult to comprehend about him.

His sole motto of life is to be a good surgeon like his dad. He is extremely dedicated. The position that he is in today, wasn’t a cake walk. Worst of the situations surrounded him. Time tested this guy’s patients and endeavour. There was absolutely no doubt about his talent and knowledge. Getting a title of “Scholar number 1” in school farewell, speaks a lot and narrates about the potential our teachers saw in him, back then. It is the situation and your response to that situation decides your fate. And he took positively whatever came on his way.

Today he is in India’s one of the best Medical institute pursuing what he always wanted to right from the childhood - Surgery. He is in an institute he always wanted to get into - KEM Mumbai. Few people realise very early in their life what they want to do. And very few chase it. People fall. People cry. They give excuses. They blame people and circumstances. But this guy is absolutely different. He has shown his mettle everytime time tested him.

Today, I had some work near KEM Hospital, the place where this budding surgeon is refining his skills. I fixed with him and we decided to meet up for sometime. After my work, I reached the hospital. The thought of meeting charges you completely and I am sure the feeling was the same that side. I called him up. He didn’t pick up. He being a doctor, I understand that he might be busy. I called him again. I messaged him. Twice. Then I went to ward number 8. His room was right there, the last time I visited.

The last time I visited KEM, he took me around entire hospital, telling me about each department as they appeared. Radiology, Casualty, OTs, Anaesthesia, etc. Nothing that I can relate to, but his enthusiasm kept me going. He took me to wards where patients were lying in all kinds of situation. It wasn’t a site to be seen. An ordinary person like me would not appreciate. I mean, come-on, I came to meet him and he is making me see all kinds of patients. But when you look at it, this guy is so much into his work that he doesn’t look at it objectively. His emotions are involved. And then I realised – dude this is his dream place to work at, why wouldn’t he enjoy. They were not mere patients for him. They and their life meant a lot for him. Stories were shared by him and I met few of his friends.

This time when I went to Ward 8, he wasn’t there. I couldn’t see his friends either. Then I realised that he had told me his unit is now changed. Still I went into ward 8, looked at patients and asked a ward assistant, “excuse me, I am looking for Abhinav” He replied nothing and went abruptly. Something striked me. I went to an intern and asked her, “I am looking for Dr. Abhinav. Can you guide me?” The ‘doctor’ word uttered by me made me so proud of him. “Check is ward 6 or ward 7”, pat came the answer.

At ward 7, I was asked to check in Operation Theatre section. I entered the OT section. Few doctors and nurses passed by me. I finally sneaked into a room and asked one of the doctors who looked of similar age, “Do you know where can I find Dr. Abhinav?” He replied, “He is operating!” the answer kind of made my day. I just messaged him and left from there.

There should have been a feeling of disappointment because I couldn’t meet him, yet I was so happy with the answer that he was operating. This guy has finally reached there. It is still time to say that he has arrived full fledged but he is on the track and will be there soon.

I don’t know many people who have pursued what they wanted to. Who have dedicated their life to their love, their calling. Probably Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Jobs are the two entities I recollect who are dedicated to their work. For them work is their passion. I count him in the same league.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Chasing dreams sounds cool. But the path is always difficult because you never dream for less. Chase your dreams and make your life large! Realise what's your calling and go for it!


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