Saturday, 7 August 2010

Autobiography of a Monday! :)

“I am Monday. Just like my any other sibling, I have my own existence. I don’t know my fault but somehow I find most of the people cursing me for my existence. They begin as early as morning when they find difficult to get up. “Why does Monday needs to come?” They say ‘Sunday is cool, Monday is fool’. They want to colour me! 'Monday Blue' I don’t mind with the colour, blue is my favourite. But the association and real meaning of Monday Blue disheartens me. I give people a sick feeling! Really?

School going kids wait for me to arrive, on the eve of their school opening or re-joining. They are thrilled that Monday would come and they would wear new uniforms, new school bags, new classroom, and new books! This excites me and I get thrilled. But once the life becomes routine, they start hating me. They start crying or cribbing as I approach. They love my siblings Saturday and Sunday more. I am jealous of Sunday. Kids wait for Sundays to arrive. They get special breakfast, special weekend meal and outing with parents. But as the Sunday night approaches, and I gear up to welcome them, they discourage me. I feel sad.

The case isn’t different with the grown-ups. They do behave like kids only. For colleges going students, my sibling Sunday is the mostly awaited one. They unwind, they relax, cherish the day. I am always considered as dreadful because they have submissions and tests. Is that my fault? Is it my fault that you don’t go on a date on a beautiful Monday evening! Have I ever said no to celebrate! If your birthday falls on a Monday, you celebrate it in advance and again chose Sunday over me. All feasts and gatherings are scheduled on Sunday making it feel more important. Even I want to be a part of your cherished memories. But GOD has chosen a different life for me.

The working professionals are set of people who believe I should not exist at all! In fact they are all the more weird in their behavior. They call my brother Friday as ‘Friday fever’. They unwind in the evening. Meet friends, party hard and break free. In their conversation they always mention that on last ‘bloody Monday’ boss did this, boss did that! I wish they could associate more good things than bad experiences with me. It’s not that I only know people who curse me. There are people who wait for me like anything. There are kids who miss their school prayer on weekends. They love wearing school uniform. Riding bicycle to school and back home gives them adrenaline rush. There are people who love their work so much that they eagerly wait for me to arrive. They are all geared up and look forward for meeting me. And then there are people who have their own vested interest. They like someone at their work place. So just to have a look or talk to that person, they want me to arrive soon.

But look at me. I lead the work life from the front. I am the one who sets the ball in the rolling from a full stop. I ensure that my other siblings, to follow me, do not have any issue. Small daily wage earners begin the week optimistically. Teachers and professors are all set to begin the week with all new enthusiasm. Traders and investors get busy charting their action for the week. Other professionals look forward for doing their best, starting Monday. This feeling encourages me to come after every Sunday, despite the fact that most of you guys hate me!

If you really agree with me till this point, you would like to try out these things. Again I am trying to help you so that you enjoy me a bit more. Plan what you want to do on Monday and subsequent days on the last Friday, beforehand. This will give you clarity for an upcoming week. Listen to songs when you are getting ready on a Monday morning. Indulge yourself into your favourite chocolate right in the morning, before breakfast. Wear your best dress. You guys are smarter than me and can think better than me. So you can brighten this day too by showing your creativity!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: I want to see you smile and enjoy me as much as you enjoy a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday! Why can’t you play on Mondays? Why can’t you indulge in shopping on some Monday? Why can’t you watch movie with your loved ones on a Monday evening? Long drive? You can celebrate me also, can’t you?"


  1. Looks like Monday is freakishly disturbed. Get well soon, day! Not everyone hates you. I so prefer a Monday than my boring weekends! ;)

  2. I Like this autobiography. Would remember to keep piece of my chocolate for Monday too. :P Soosa

    Thou one cannot unwind on Monday as much one can on the weekend/holiday - sleep more, lazy more, doing watevr one pleases to do .........Yet one can choose to paint one's Monday in a different shade than the regular blue color.

  3. I would enjoy Monday's as much as the next person, but I have a case of them every week and can't.

  4. I know, I know. This had to come from Monday. Monday is a day of beginnings: week, new assignments, the countdown for Saturday (grinnn), and many such things.

    I rejoice when the weekend is over and opens up to Monday.

    How about you Karan? Do you enjoy Mondays?

    Joy always,

  5. hey i like this!!
    but i dun like mondays,and d reason is der in ur post, I am a school going student so :D
    btw this was something new from ur side!!

  6. @Arjit: Good to know that somebody likes Monday more than weekends!

    @Soosa: Yeah I like the idea of painting Mondays in different shades rather than just blue! ;)

    @Kenneth: Seems repetition bothers you! lol

  7. @Susan: Hey lovely! Yup I do enjoy them at times... generally it starts with listening some favorite song... to set the ball rolling :)

    @sakhii••: Hey thnx a lot! I got you there! I try everytime...thnx anyways :))

  8. Until college I hated the weekends..
    Now I hate Fridays more...cos it reminds me of the coming Monday.

    What u said is absolutely true..but I wl have to change my utlook to 'work'

  9. oh god...monday is so SAD...n rightely so!!! most of us hate monday so much dat even if sumthng gud is abt 2 happen, v jinx it by saying its a monday...!!!

    ill try 2 enjoy my monday dearest frm nw on... :)

  10. Karan that is very well-written post!

    I am sure if Monday cud speak, he would have said it the same way!

    and yes, if it makes you will good- I always say 'Yay its Monday!' :)

  11. Lets make 3 days weekend and make this monday more happy...:)

  12. hehehe we even have got a color for it .. blue :D
    poor monday suffereing so badly... but still i hate it :P
    nice post :D

  13. @Jon: Yeah its all about our outlook really!

    @SC: Good to know that! You will feel the difference :)

    @Pallavi: lol... thnx a lot for appreciating!

    @Amit: I second your thought!

    @Rajlakshmi: True, but you hate it or love it... it will show up its face every 7th

  14. Well people do not understand that they can only enjoy weekend as they have weekdays. If every day would be the same then it would not matter if its monday or sunday...... wo kehtein hain na life is full of ups and downs.... well if we see in bigger picture then ... life has phases as education, job, and retirement.... but if we look closer life has some smaller ups and down phases as well.... view point matters,.... scale of measurement ( as in days or in years) also matters..... moments of happiness and sadness...........

  15. Umm..monday is gloomy period. probably calling it by another name might help ;)



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